Is It Safe To Let Your Kids Use Earbuds?

We often observe the minors including both the teens and the small kids with earbuds plugged into their ears at parks, shopping with their mom or inside a car. They may be jamming out to music, busy playing video games or watching cartoons, or maybe online streaming their favorite missed out tv shows. Whatever it may be, there is a great chance that these situations may create injury to their ears. Being so young, their organs are still in the developmental stage, but prone to such consistent usage may make them wear a hearing aid at a very early stage.

These generation kids are so trussed to the use of electronic devices like smart tablets or smartphones and even the video game consoles that accompany with a pair of earbuds or headphones. In many cases, using this on a daily basis have proved to the noiseinduced hearing loss at a really young age.

Are these products really made for kids?

According to a recently held survey, it has come to our attention that this type of specific hearing loss is affecting almost 30 percent of the kids globally and when the adolescent’s age guys of 12 to 19 years are observed, there is a dramatic increase of nearly 10 percent over the past 5 years. The speech and hearing specialists started their research to find the deep-root of such happenings and they arrived at the most important guidelines for using these earbuds.

Most of the earbuds or such related accessories that are readily available in the market are not exclusively engineered with lower decibels levels so that the kids may safely use it for their purpose.

Moreover, what if elders go for the cheapest replacement of such products. They even do not have a volume adjuster or any indicator for the lower to maximum sound level. Additionally,they output a volume well above the recommended value of 85 decibels.

Furthermore, the modern commercial music players render a sound around 120 decibels and when it comes to the specially shaped structure of earbuds, they produce a sound which is almost 5 to 7 times louder.

All these are issues are to be seriously considered before allowing your child to use it.

How can you make it really safe for the kids?

Studies show that it is safe for a child to wear an earbud depending on the equality combination of

The Volume Factor: Listening to a song on a single stretch basis and at a high volume is not going to do any harm to a child’s hearing. Indeed, if the time period dedicated to the music increases or continuously extends and that too remaining still at the elevated volume level is definitely going to hurt your years.

Perceiving duration: If the time of listening prolongs to more than 8 hours a day and is on an extreme sound intensity, then it can eventually lead to hearing impairment over time.

The Size of the Ear Canal: As such of now, there is no such research conducted on how young or the age at which kids stay really safe to use the earbuds. Still, it is common sense that the younger the kid is, the small is his or her ear canals which give us a direct indication of the fact that the same voice level in a little kid’s ear will be always brassier than the similar volume level in a bigger child’s or an adult’s ear.

Hence, it will be the best idea to clutch back your earbuds until your kids are old enough at least to comment on the sound level that is high or low and is grown up to tell you at which volume level is comfortable for them.

When you think it is the right age for them for letting them use the earbuds for listening to music, or plays or anything of the same kind, please do strictly consider picking the more specialized earbuds that has immense control over the volume adjusting and always keeps the sound level at 80 decibels or above 75 decibels and render the quality music through it.

Alternate to this, the technology is so advanced that it provides us with the well-versed and nicely developed apps that set to a specific volume limit for a device or show frequent notifications to reduce using at high volume which acts as a disturbing factor that interrupts the play and so kids tend to remove this notification by setting the volume to a merely average or recommended level. This can, in fact, render you the complete satisfaction that your child is not using the extreme or excessive volume for listening to their favorite tracks.

Even there are modern earbuds that are available in the markets that are embedded with the volume-limiting feature and never gets loud as a regular pair does. In addition to this, they employ some special type of resistors that naturally adjusts the incoming volume by explicitly limiting the power supply going to the earbuds.

furthermore, if you have decided to get wireless earbuds for your kids, we would suggest you research them thoroughly. As we already discussed many issues in this article. we still strongly advise you to buy the premium quality earbuds, as they will come with better quality drivers inside them, that won’t harm the ears.

Always maintaining the device volume at or below 55 percent of the full volume is often considered as a great guide for cautious listening.

Taking frequent or regular listening breaks is also advisable.

The possible real problems that high volume listening can induce.  

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