Tempe Recording Engineers Frequently Asked Questions

Do your recordings Kick Ass?
Why yes. Yes they do.
What is the studio rate?
Call us at 602-616-0612 or contact us online for rates. Cost includes a recording engineer.
Does that include a recording engineer?
How long does it take to record a song?
Most often, session length is related to two factors: the performer’s focus, and the number of instruments.
Typically, it will average one hour per track, meaning: one hour for drums, one hour for bass, one hour for lead vocals, etc. The average five-piece band will typically record one song in four to six hours. Go figure.
Are you a live music venue?
Uranus has hosted and recorded many live concerts for local radio stations. Sessions have included: Foster the People, Fun, Social Distortion, Phoenix, Gin Blossoms, and many more. Check out the Uranus Video page to see some of these amazing performances.
Can you make “Beats”?
Yes, we can.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes, 25% deposit is required when booking sessions.
Can we get a studio tour?
Where are you located?
Near ASU in Tempe, on 8th Street between Rural and McClintock, next to Four Peaks Brewery. The full address is: 1340 E. 8th Street #105 Tempe, AZ 85281
Really? Next to Four Peaks Brewery?
Yep. I have the most coveted parking spaces on 8th Street. Four Peaks Brewery is 40 feet away and features excellent food, cute waitresses, and the best Beer in Arizona.
Are you a rehearsal studio?
Occasionally yes. Professionals who need a place to hold up in Phoenix are always welcome. I have everything you need.
What are the hidden costs of recording?
Strings, drum heads, a Hard Drive for storing session files, instrument rental, food and drinks, transportation and any hotel costs.
Do you have a drum kit?
No. But here’s where you can rent one.
What instruments do you have?
Electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, with guitar amps and effects pedals. Also, we have an assortment of percussion such as tambourines and shakers. There is no extra cost for use of studio instruments.
What is the difference between a demo and a record?
A demo is a relatively simple recording intended to demonstrate the song or artist’s ability. A record is intended for commercial release, and features the best possible performances and production, with all the bells and whistles.
Why did you name the studio Uranus?
In 1986 the Voyager Spacecraft encountered Planet Uranus. By chance I watched the JPL broadcast on PBS, and was inspired to study physics and Planetary Science. A few years later I dropped out of college when our band got signed. Oh darn.
What’s this I hear about you climbing Everest and Kilimanjaro for charity?
I work with the Love Hope Strength Foundation, a Global, music-based cancer charity. We climb Mountains. Please visit and support: www.lovehopestrength.org
Who did your logo and all this amazing art?
The Uranus Crowned-Phoenix Sigil was created by famed low-brow and tattoo flash artist Mitch O’Connell. You can hire Mitch to do art for you too!
I had the tattoo done at High Voltage on LA Ink by Dan Smith.
Robin Wilson on LA Ink
The Uranus Street Van was wrapped by Signature Graphics.

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