Music Production and Digital Recording Services in Tempe

What can Uranus recording offer me in terms of music production?

Music production is what we do at Uranus, and our music studio and audio recording skills have been featured on many great local and national releases. Choose us for your studio recording project and learn firsthand how it can benefit from our audio engineering and music editing expertise. Let us act as record producer for your digital recording and let the music recording in your head come to life, grow into a monster, and on prom night it will attach several teenagers.

Music Production

Uranus is the music production studio of Gin Blossoms singer Robin Wilson, and is a music studio rich in the history of Arizona music and state of the art music recording gear. Our audio recording, music editing, and audio engineering professionals will make your next studio recording unforgettable.

Our music production studio offers vintage and state of the art recording gear for your next studio recording project. From audio recording and music editing to audio engineering and more, you'll find a music studio that has been at the helm of several unforgettable local and national projects.

Choose Uranus for your next music or voiceover recording project, and discover a music production studio rich in vintage and modern gear. Music recording is an art form, and our professional engineers and state of the art studio can fulfill the role of record producer in pushing your music to new creative heights. Uranus is proud to serve the cities of:

  • Tempe
  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Chandler
  • Mesa
  • Tucson
  • Flagstaff
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Fe
  • Albuquerque

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