Historic Tempe Music Recording Studio

Uranus Recording is located in the historic Tempe Creamery, one of Arizona’s oldest buildings and a registered historic landmark. Originally built in 1892, the Tempe Creamery remained the city’s largest private employer until closing in the mid 1960s.
The studio’s freestanding pyramid-block structure was added to the historic Creamery in 1915 as office space, and was the first room in Tempe to receive telephone service. For many decades, the whistle on the Creamery roof was used to set clocks across the Phoenix Valley. The studio includes a vintage bank vault, which now houses a custom-built isolation booth.
Purchased by the Borden Company in 1929, the Creamery operated until the mid Nineteen Sixties. Since then the complex has been mixed-use industrial space.
In 1994 Gin Blossoms discovered available space in the Creamery complex and a “room within a room” was constructed to enhance acoustics and isolation. Robin Wilson became the studio’s sole owner in 1997 and began the room’s evolution into a professional recording facility.Four Peaks Brewery
In the late 1990s Four Peaks Brewery began transforming the Creamery complex into Arizona’s premier Micro Brewery and 5-star Grille. The active and historic location, only a few blocks from ASU, greatly adds to the studio vibe and offers a convenient break from session work. The studio is now adjacent to the brewery patio.

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