About Uranus Recording of Tempe


Studio Cost includes professional recording engineer, and the use of all studio equipment, instruments, and skateboards. Call us at 602-616-0612 or contact us online for rates.

Freelance Producers and Engineers welcome. Set-up fees may apply. Inquire for more information.
About Uranus

JON WEIL: Studio Manager & Chief Audio Engineer. Having over 25 years of experience writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering music, Jon consistently brings the best out of every project.
Uranus Recording of Tempe was founded in 1994 as a rehearsal and demo room for Multi-Platinum recording artists Gin Blossoms, and features many electrical outlets and several complete microphone stands.
Most of the electrical outlets are built into the walls of the spacious and extremely cool live room. Measuring 22 x 24 x 12 feet, the live room might comfortably accommodate two Elton John’s and a Wu-Tang Clan.
Serving the active Arizona music scene, the studio is mainly used for parking at the popular brewery next door, but also for recording stuff.

Producer Jeremy Parker:
“This is the best drum room in Phoenix!”
Producer Jamie Woolford:
“Robin has created a great environment to make records in.”
Producer Robb Vallier:
“Uranus is the best studio with the best vibe in Arizona!”
Owner Robin Wilson:
“It’s great having so many electrical outlets. This way: if two Elton John’s ever show up, they can both plug in their gear. And if something doesn’t quite reach, there’s an extension cord.”

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