Owned by Robin Wilson of Gin Blossoms. $250/day for Pro Tools HD and large live room. Class-A backline and vocal chain. AZ’s coolest and most historic studio. Contact:uranusrecording@mac.com

Recording and Music studio located in Tempe, Arizona. World Class Music Producers available for any type of recording project. Digital Recording studio featuring Pro Tools HD and large live room. Historic Arizona recording studio features Neve and Manley microphone preamplifiers, beautiful live music room for recording and music performance. Microphones include Nuemann, Shure, AKG and vintage ribbon microphones for recording any type of musical instrument or recording session. Uranus Recording of Tempe is proud to serve the cities of Phoenix, Los Angeles, Tucson, ETC.

Professional recording services offered by Uranus Recording of Tempe include recording studio rental, record producer and music producer, digital recording, audio engineering, audio recording. Uranus Recording is also available as a luxury rehearsal room for touring professionals. Pro Tools recording, digital audio editing, record production and Pro Tools mixing are featured in this unique and affordable Arizona Recording studio. Uranus Recording of Tempe serves the nearby cities of Tempe, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Tucson, Flagstaff, Santa Fe, Albuquerque. The most affordable and historic Arizona Recording studio is Uranus Recording of Tempe, offering the lowest rate for a Professional recording studio that features Pro Tools HD and a large live music room.

Few Arizona recording studios have the pedigree of our Tempe music studio, where legendary local and national artists have benefited from our audio engineering and music production skills. Our Tempe recording studio offers digital recording including Pro Tools and other styles of music recording. Let our Arizona music studio act as your record producer today.

Our Tempe music studio is owned by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated recording artist Robin Wilson, and is a highly regarded Arizona music studio in the art of digital recording and audio engineering. We’re outfitted with vintage gear, retro style acoustics, and Pro Tools HD2 Accel, and want to be your record producer. Visit our Tempe music studio to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the music business.

Choose our Tempe Recording studio for your music production and audio engineering needs. Need a record producer for your next project? Find the best record producers at our Tempe music studio, and discover why we are such a respected Arizona recording studio.

Let our Tempe recording studio be your home for music recording, Pro Tools recording, voice-over recording, and music production. Several local and national artists have sought out our Tempe music studio, and few Arizona music studios have a better sense of local history and modern recording techniques. Put your recording project in the hands of our Tempe recording studio. Uranus is proud to serve the cities of: