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Tempe Recording Engineers Frequently Asked Questions

Do your recordings Kick Ass?
Why yes. Yes they do.
What is the studio rate?
Call us at 602-616-0612 or contact us online for rates. Cost includes a recording engineer.
Does that include a recording engineer?
How long does it take to record a song?
Most often, session length is related to two factors: the performer’s focus, and the number of instruments.
Typically, it will average one hour per track, meaning: one hour for drums, one hour for bass, one hour for lead vocals, etc. The average five-piece band will typically record one song in four to six hours. Go figure.
Are you a live music venue?
Uranus has hosted and recorded many live concerts for local radio stations. Sessions have included: Foster the People, Fun, Social Distortion, Phoenix, Gin Blossoms, and many more. Check out the Uranus Video page to see some of these amazing performances.
Can you make “Beats”?
Yes, we can.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes, 25% deposit is required when booking sessions.
Can we get a studio tour?
Where are you located?
Near ASU in Tempe, on 8th Street between Rural and McClintock, next to Four Peaks Brewery. The full address is: 1340 E. 8th Street #105 Tempe, AZ 85281
Really? Next to Four Peaks Brewery?
Yep. I have the most coveted parking spaces on 8th Street. Four Peaks Brewery is 40 feet away and features excellent food, cute waitresses, and the best Beer in Arizona.
Are you a rehearsal studio?
Occasionally yes. Professionals who need a place to hold up in Phoenix are always welcome. I have everything you need.
What are the hidden costs of recording?
Strings, drum heads, a Hard Drive for storing session files, instrument rental, food and drinks, transportation and any hotel costs.
Do you have a drum kit?
No. But here’s where you can rent one.
What instruments do you have?
Electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, with guitar amps and effects pedals. Also, we have an assortment of percussion such as tambourines and shakers. There is no extra cost for use of studio instruments.
What is the difference between a demo and a record?
A demo is a relatively simple recording intended to demonstrate the song or artist’s ability. A record is intended for commercial release, and features the best possible performances and production, with all the bells and whistles.
Why did you name the studio Uranus?
In 1986 the Voyager Spacecraft encountered Planet Uranus. By chance I watched the JPL broadcast on PBS, and was inspired to study physics and Planetary Science. A few years later I dropped out of college when our band got signed. Oh darn.
What’s this I hear about you climbing Everest and Kilimanjaro for charity?
I work with the Love Hope Strength Foundation, a Global, music-based cancer charity. We climb Mountains. Please visit and support:
Who did your logo and all this amazing art?
The Uranus Crowned-Phoenix Sigil was created by famed low-brow and tattoo flash artist Mitch O’Connell. You can hire Mitch to do art for you too!
I had the tattoo done at High Voltage on LA Ink by Dan Smith.
Robin Wilson on LA Ink
The Uranus Street Van was wrapped by Signature Graphics.


About Uranus Recording of Tempe


Studio Cost includes professional recording engineer, and the use of all studio equipment, instruments, and skateboards. Call us at 602-616-0612 or contact us online for rates.

Freelance Producers and Engineers welcome. Set-up fees may apply. Inquire for more information.
About Uranus

JON WEIL: Studio Manager & Chief Audio Engineer. Having over 25 years of experience writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering music, Jon consistently brings the best out of every project.
Uranus Recording of Tempe was founded in 1994 as a rehearsal and demo room for Multi-Platinum recording artists Gin Blossoms, and features many electrical outlets and several complete microphone stands.
Most of the electrical outlets are built into the walls of the spacious and extremely cool live room. Measuring 22 x 24 x 12 feet, the live room might comfortably accommodate two Elton John’s and a Wu-Tang Clan.
Serving the active Arizona music scene, the studio is mainly used for parking at the popular brewery next door, but also for recording stuff.

Producer Jeremy Parker:
“This is the best drum room in Phoenix!”
Producer Jamie Woolford:
“Robin has created a great environment to make records in.”
Producer Robb Vallier:
“Uranus is the best studio with the best vibe in Arizona!”
Owner Robin Wilson:
“It’s great having so many electrical outlets. This way: if two Elton John’s ever show up, they can both plug in their gear. And if something doesn’t quite reach, there’s an extension cord.”

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Historic Tempe Music Recording Studio

Uranus Recording is located in the historic Tempe Creamery, one of Arizona’s oldest buildings and a registered historic landmark. Originally built in 1892, the Tempe Creamery remained the city’s largest private employer until closing in the mid 1960s.
The studio’s freestanding pyramid-block structure was added to the historic Creamery in 1915 as office space, and was the first room in Tempe to receive telephone service. For many decades, the whistle on the Creamery roof was used to set clocks across the Phoenix Valley. The studio includes a vintage bank vault, which now houses a custom-built isolation booth.
Purchased by the Borden Company in 1929, the Creamery operated until the mid Nineteen Sixties. Since then the complex has been mixed-use industrial space.
In 1994 Gin Blossoms discovered available space in the Creamery complex and a “room within a room” was constructed to enhance acoustics and isolation. Robin Wilson became the studio’s sole owner in 1997 and began the room’s evolution into a professional recording facility.Four Peaks Brewery
In the late 1990s Four Peaks Brewery began transforming the Creamery complex into Arizona’s premier Micro Brewery and 5-star Grille. The active and historic location, only a few blocks from ASU, greatly adds to the studio vibe and offers a convenient break from session work. The studio is now adjacent to the brewery patio.

Uranus Recording Studio Gear List in Tempe

Notable features:
-Registered Historic Site (more info)
-22 x 24 x 12 foot Live Room
-Custom 1915 Bank Vault Isolation-booth
-Four Peaks Brewery next door
-Conditioned Power Supply
-APPLE Mac Pro (12-core Xeon 2.66ghz, 8GB RAM)
-AVID Pro Tools 11 HD
-HHB Burnit! Pro CDR Burner
Consoles / Controllers:
-MACKIE MCU Control Surface
-FOLCROM 16-Channel Analog Summing
-M-AUDIO Keystation 49e
-AT 4047SV
-AKG D112 (2)
-BLUE 8-Ball
-CAD Trion 7000
-CASCADE “Victor”
-D.R. KX1
-D.R. STX1 (2)
-EV N/D 257A (2)
-F.A.R. “The 12” Standard
-MJE Hulk 990
-MXL 2001-P
-MXL 603 (2)
-NEUMANN KM 184 (2)
-NEUMANN M 149 Tube
-SENNHEISER e604 (3)
-SENNHEISER e609 (2)
-SHURE 315 (2)
-SHURE Beta 52A
-SHURE Beta 56A
-SHURE Beta 57A
-SHURE SM57 (4)
-SHURE SM58 (2)
-ADAM A7 Monitors
-YAMAHA HS-8 Monitors
-PRESONUS Central Station
-BEHRINGER Power Play Pro 8
-ATH M50 Headphones (2)
-ATH M40fs Headphones (3)
-SONY MDR-7506
-FENDER Custom Shop Telecaster
-FENDER Custom Shop Stratocaster
-FENDER Precision Bass
-GIBSON Explorer (1976 Reissue)
-GIBSON Flying V
-GIBSON J-45 Acoustic (1965)
-FENDER Squire (Rare prototype w/EMG pickups)
Effects Pedals:
-BOSS Equalizer GE-7
-BOSS Metal Zone MT2
-BOSS Superchorus CH-1
-FOXX Tone Machine
-JIM DUNLOP Crybaby Wah Pedal
-DIGITECH Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive
-MXR Flanger
-VOODOO LABS Analog Chorus
-VOX Valve Tone

Spacegirl by Mike Hoffman

-APHEX 207D Tube Preamp/DI
-API 5500 Stereo Equalizer
-ART Pro VLA I Stereo Optical Tube Compressor
-CHAMELEON LABS 7602 Preamps w/ Equalizer & DI (2)
-CHAMELEON LABS 7720 Stereo VCA Compressor
-EMPIRICAL LABS EL-8 “Distressors” (2)
-FOCUSRITE ISA2 Stereo Preamp
-GREAT RIVER Harrison 32C Equalizer
-LINE 6 Bass POD
-MANLEY Voxbox Channel Strip
-NEVE Melbourn Royston 12ch. Sidecar Mixer
-PRESONUS Digimax 8ch. Mic Preamps w/DI
-RADIAL JDV Class-A Active DI
-RADIAL SGI-RX Guitar Interface
-REDCO 96 pt. TT Patch bays (2)
-SHADOW HILLS Mono Gamma Preamp/DI
-SSL 611 Equalizer
-TOFT AFC-2 Stereo Equalizer
-FENDER 400 Pro Bass Amplifier
-FENDER Vibro Champ XD
-LINE 6 Flextone III w/ FBV Foot Controller
-MARSHALL 1966B 2*10 Cabinet
-MATCHLESS H/C30 Class-A Amplifier
-MATCHLESS ESD 2*12 Cabinet
-ROLAND Jazz Chorus 120
Digital FX / Plug-Ins:
-ANTARES Autotune 7
-IZOTOPE RX3 Spectral Repair Bundle
-UNIVERSAL AUDIO UAD-2 Quad w/ 30+ plugs
-WAVES Gold Bundle
-many more incl. SLATE, SOFTUBE & SOUNDTOYS
-AKG N-66E 6ch. Phantom Power Box
-ALESIS 3630 Compressor
-ALESIS M-EQ230 (2) Graphic Equalizers
-ALESIS Matica 900 Power Amp
-BEHRINGER Power Play Pro – XL Headphone Amp (2)
-FENDER ACE 15 PA Speakers (2)
-FENDER Rack Tuner
-FURMAN IT-1230 Conditioned Rack Power Supply
-JBL JRX 100 PA Speakers (2)
-MACKIE ONYX 1640 Live/Monitor Mixer
-QSC USA1310 Power Amp
-KORG Toneworks DTR-1 Tuner

Digital Music Production and Audio Engineering

Owned by Robin Wilson of Gin Blossoms. AZ’s coolest and most historic recording studio. Call us at 602-616-0612 or contact us online for rates for Pro Tools HD and large live room. Class-A backline and vocal chain. Contact:

JON WEIL: Studio Manager & Chief Audio Engineer. Having over 25 years of experience writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering music, Jon consistently brings the best out of every project.

Arizona Recording StudioRecording and Music studio located in Tempe, Arizona. World Class Music Producers available for any type of recording project. Digital Recording studio featuring Pro Tools HD and large live room. Historic Arizona recording studio features Neve and Manley microphone preamplifiers, beautiful live music room for recording and music performance. Microphones include Nuemann, Shure, AKG and vintage ribbon microphones for recording any type of musical instrument or recording session. Uranus Recording of Tempe is proud to serve the cities of Phoenix, Los Angeles, Tucson, ETC.

Professional recording services offered by Uranus Recording of Tempe include recording studio rental, record producer and music producer, digital recording, audio engineering, audio recording. Uranus Recording is also available as a luxury rehearsal room for touring professionals. Pro Tools recording, digital audio editing, record production and Pro Tools mixing are featured in this unique and affordable Arizona Recording studio. Uranus Recording of Tempe serves the nearby cities of Tempe, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Tucson, Flagstaff, Santa Fe, Albuquerque. The most affordable and historic Arizona Recording studio is Uranus Recording of Tempe, offering the lowest rate for a Professional recording studio that features Pro Tools HD and a large live music room.

Tempe Recording StudioFew Arizona recording studios have the pedigree of our Tempe music studio, where legendary local and national artists have benefited from our audio engineering and music production skills. Our Tempe recording studio offers digital recording including Pro Tools and other styles of music recording. Let our Arizona music studio act as your record producer today.

Our Tempe music studio is owned by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated recording artist Robin Wilson, and is a highly regarded Arizona music studio in the art of digital recording and audio engineering. We’re outfitted with vintage gear, retro style acoustics, and Pro Tools HD, and want to be your record producer. Visit our Tempe music studio to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the music business.

Choose our Tempe Recording studio for your music production and audio engineering needs. Need a record producer for your next project? Find the best record producers at our Tempe music studio, and discover why we are such a respected Arizona recording studio.

Let our Tempe recording studio be your home for music recording, Pro Tools recording, voice-over recording, and music production. Several local and national artists have sought out our Tempe music studio, and few Arizona music studios have a better sense of local history and modern recording techniques. Put your recording project in the hands of our Tempe recording studio. Uranus is proud to serve the cities of:

Los Angeles
Santa Fe